Is LDAP linked with AD integration

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Do I need to configure the AD settings prior to applying the LDAP policy to the device?


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  • Zach Goodman

    Zach Goodman


    Zach Goodman


    Hi @Matilda-Lucas, for configuring an LDAP policy for the device, you need not explicitly configure the AD integration on Hexnode.
    You can use the AD integration on Hexnode to do the following –

    1. Link multiple AD domains.
    2. Enable self-enrollment of users using their AD credentials.
    3. Import users and user groups.
    4. Dynamically sync user and user group listing.

    The LDAP configuration in the policy can be used to independently sync contacts stored on your LDAP server with your iOS or Mac devices. To do that, you would be required to enter the following fields – Hostname, username, password and an appropriate account description to identify among multiple LDAP account. You can use the wildcard %email% or %alternateemail% to fetch the email associated with the owner of the device. The benefit of having the AD integration on Hexnode configured is that for your devices enrolled to the respective AD directory users, you may directly use the email wildcard and configure LDAP on the devices in bulk quickly.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM