Feature Request: Ability to use custom scripts within a policy for Mac/Windows

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Hello Hexnode peoples,

We are hoping to get a feature request placed to have the ability to use custom scripts within policies to force the installation and configuration of applications.

Our use cases revolve around the need to be able to force software for security and other tools be installed on all existing, and new machines in HexNode. We are currently trying to create custom installers of course, but for some these may not be able to be done via an edited MSI or PKG file.

Other use cases around this would involve cleanup of items on machines, forcing registry and configuration items for security compliance. And a ton of other things I think this would help other Hexnode admin’s streamline their work!

It would also be a good thing so that folks can be assured that custom actions aren’t being missed on certain machines. As new machines come into an environment it can be difficult to keep up with being sure a custom script has been ran manually to install or modify software in some type of way. Please feel free to let me know of any other questions on this, I’ve seen this asked before and wanted to explain further on what benefit this could bring to hexnode.

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  • Hello @steven-paugh, welcome to Hexnode Community!

    Thank you for the time you’ve taken to explain the feature in detail and especially the use cases. As you mentioned, this feature has been requested earlier on and our team is already working on it. I’m sure the use cases you’ve put forward will help them enhance the feature.

    We cannot give you a timeline as yet, but we shall definitely keep you posted.

    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM