icloud account and recovering the device with MDM

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We provide the devices to employees so no BYOD. All I want to do is let them each have an ICloud account, use personal ITunes account but be able to recover the device to reissue if they happen to leave us under not so good terms.

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    Hi Mohd,

    You can do that precisely using Hexnode MDM. Just make sure to enroll all your devices with Hexnode MDM before handing them out to your employees and you would no longer have to worry about Activation lock. You can have them use their personal Apple IDs to sync their iCloud, App Store and Apple Music accounts.

    Let’s say, they leave with their Apple account still linked to the device, the Activation lock turned on and with you not having access to their Apple ID and password. Even then, you are in no trouble. You can clear the device’s Activation lock right from your Hexnode MDM portal, remotely.

    With no Activation lock, you can erase the device and safely re-issue it to another employee. Have a look at our help on bypassing the Activation lock. Here’s a similar topic on our forum which might give you more insights.

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