Hexnode for work app lists an account called ‘Android Enterprise’

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Howdy, folks!
I’ve a query. Noticed an Android Enterprise account being listed on the hexnode for work app while enrolling the device in AE (G Suite).

android enterprise account listed

I’m pretty sure no such account exists on the device. Should I choose this account? If yes, where do I get the password for it? First time postimg here, I’m wondering if anyone has seen this behaviour. Thanks

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    Jake Wilson


    Same is the behaviour found.

    Enrollment type: afw#hexnodemdm
    Device: Samsung Knox
    Version: Android 6
    Authentication: Google User

    This seems to the normal flow for Android. Quite familiar with it.

  • Hexnode

    Catherine George


    Happy to help!

    As @jake-wilson indicated, this is how Android OS behaves with Android Enterprise Device Owner enrollment using G Suite (Enrollment type as Google Domain, Enforce Authentication as Google User)

    It usually occurs when you enter ‘afw#hexnodemdm’ as the device prompts for a Google account after the factory reset.

    Afw enrollment for Android Enterprise - Device Owner

    Android creates the account ‘Android Enterprise’ to hold the device owner privileges until the work account is added, or rather the Hexnode for Work app is set up to manage the device.

    @tom You need not worry about this account nor its password. You can continue authenticating using your G Suite account. Once you are authenticated, this Android Enterprise account will be removed automatically.


    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM