Feature Request: Remote Access for Family Members of Telemarie.de

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Dear Hexnode Customer Service Team,

I hope this email finds you well. As a long-time customer of Hexnode, I would like to start by expressing my appreciation for the excellent software and top-notch customer service you provide. Your solutions have greatly improved our workflows.

Today, I would like to submit a feature request that I believe would add value for us and our customers. Currently, our technicians need to perform various software settings on the tablets connected to your remote software. This even includes simple tasks like changing ringtone settings, which can often be time-consuming and burdensome for our technicians.

To streamline this process and give our customers more control over their tablets, I suggest introducing remote access for family members who are paired with our tablets using your software. It would be fantastic if these family members could initiate access through our Telemarie app to remotely control the tablets.

With this feature, family members would be able to make changes to the tablets without our technical team having to intervene each time. By empowering family members to access specific settings, such as changing ringtones, we could optimize our support process and enhance customer satisfaction.

I firmly believe that this enhancement would provide significant value to our customers and us. It would increase our efficiency and allow us to focus on more critical technical tasks while enabling family members to independently make minor adjustments to the tablets.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider this feature idea. If further information or feedback is required, I am at your disposal.

Thank you for your time and dedication. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Thomas

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  • Hey @thomas-seher, it’s been a while.

    It’s always nice to see old names popping up in the forum.

    However, I’m afraid I didn’t entirely get what you wanted.

    From the above query, I am assuming that you are looking for a way to initiate access to your tablets using your Telemarie application. Unfortunately, this would not be feasible as there is currently no way for Hexnode to retrieve or authenticate the details of paired devices. And as such, it would not be possible for Hexnode to provide a way to initiate access through your applications for remotely controlling the paired devices due to security concerns.

    But if you only needed to make minor changes like changing the ringtone on these devices, then creating an API call would allow you to integrate those actions into your application. And we could have a feature request raised on your behalf.

    Could you please confirm your requirements so that we may proceed with the next steps?

    Best Regards,
    Audrey Black
    Hexnode UEM