Factors to consider while considering an MDM solution

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Hey guys, I need a few suggestions. Our firm is looking to expand its wings in the coming quarter. Till now the staff and the devices we have got have been managed significantly by our administrators without any troubles. But now as we are trying to expand ourselves, we are looking out for any device management solutions that could ease our workflow. We are new to this so any help regarding what factors to consider before choosing a perfect management solution would be quite helpful. Cheers.

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    Aaron McCarthy


    Hi @Henrietta, I was in your shoes a while back, confused about what device management solution to choose or what even factors to consider when choosing an MDM or UEM. Let me share my wisdom. Before choosing a device management solution, make sure to have a clarity on your needs, after that consider the following options based on them.

    • Types of devices supported by that MDM.
    • Trial period offered by the MDM so that you can have a clear idea of its workflow.
    • Management capabilities like app management and content management.
    • Support and Service provided by the organization.
    • Comparision with available device management solutions.
    • Collaborations and Integrations available.
    • Ease of use and administration.
    • Pricing and plans under budget range.

    Once you figure out your needs, the remaining is a cake walk man, Hope you find what you are looking for,