Enabling Secure Token for Mac

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Secure Token, being a vital element for executing FileVault, KEXTs and software updates, as a Mac admin, you might be looking forward to enable secure token via Hexnode console?

And here we unfold ‘Secure Token’ for Mac.

Secure Token for Mac

A secure token is used to perform cryptographic operations on your Mac, and the operations include enabling FileVault disk encryption and more. The secure token will be automatically generated for certain types of user accounts, such as the local admins created via Setup Assistant/Device Enrollment Program (DEP). So, what if these admin users can transfer these tokens while creating new user accounts? Wouldn’t that be a great boon for Mac admins?

Let’s see!

With Hexnode, you can now grant secure tokens to each of the users within a Mac, provided the secure token has been already enabled for the admin user account.

Here’s how you can configure this.

  1. On your Hexnode portal, navigate to Manage > Devices and click on the device on which the secure token is to be enabled.
  2. From the device summary page, click on Actions > Grant Secure Token.
  3. Provide the admin user credentials for which secure token has been already enabled. Also, provide the target account credentials for which the secure token is to be enabled.
  4. Click Grant Token.

Now, this comes in to use for granting the secure token to an existing user on your Mac. Besides, you can also grant secure token remotely while creating the user account.

Dig in through our knowledge base to know more about enabling secure token.

Stay tuned for more feature updates!

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode UEM

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