Enable protection for Windows PCs with Microsoft’s Windows Defender

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You can now ensure the protection of your Windows 10 PCs from suspicious malware and threats using Hexnode’s integration with Microsoft’s Windows Defender.

Windows Defender helps in preventing the security breaches within the organization by offering a comprehensive and real-time protection to the enrolled devices. It allows you to configure both the Windows Defender Application Guard and Windows Defender Security Centre settings.

Windows Defender

With this, you can define Application Guard settings such as clipboard behavior/settings, print behavior, data persistence, access camera and microphone, and Security Center settings such as disabling account/app/browser protection, hiding secure boot area/ransomware data recover area, and much more.

Here’s where you can configure this.

  1. Navigate to Policies > Windows > Threat Management > Windows Defender.
  2. Configure the Defender settings and save the policy.

Windows Defender settings

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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