Enable Airplane mode while the device is on kiosk

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Can mobile users adjust the Airplane mode settings on their devices when it is locked in Android kiosk mode?

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    Hey Penelope,

    I too have encountered a similar issue a couple of months back; I wanted my sales agents to manually turn on and off Airplane mode while they are traveling. You can add Airplane mode to the settings icon on the kiosk home screen using Android peripheral settings.

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    Nora Lang


    Hi there @penelope,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Yes, with Hexnode’s peripheral kiosk settings for Android, the organizations can allow the end-users to turn on/off the Airplane mode on their devices.

    To allow the end-users to adjust the Airplane mode,

    Go to Policies > Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown > Peripheral Settings.

    Check Airplane mode under Network.

    Attach the policy to target entities and save it.

    This enables the users to access and control the Airplane mode from the Settings menu on their devices even when locked in kiosk mode.

    Nora Lang
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hexnode

    Nora Lang


    Hey Porter,

    Thanks for reaching out to us,

    Yes, you can block your end-users from adjusting the Airplane mode configurations on the device irrespective of its kiosk status.

    On your Hexnode UEM console, go to Policies > Android > Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality and uncheck Airplane mode. Save this policy after associating the required target entities to block end-users from switching on Airplane mode on their devices.

    Note that this feature is only available for Samsung Knox devices (2.0 or later) and Android Enterprise Device Owner enrolled devices running Android 9 or later.

    Nora Lang
    Hexnode UEM