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I’ve tried disenrolling and deleting some devices but it still says that the device is enrolled on our account? How could this happen?
Thanks in advance

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  • Eva Tyler


    Eva Tyler



    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    Seems like the devices are not connected to the network or have been turned off for the disenrollment action to reach the device.
    Since the devices are not active, Hexnode is not able to communicate with the devices and hence they are still listed in your Hexnode account.
    To remove such devices from your portal, kindly navigate to Manage –> Devices –> Select the device you wish to remove –> Actions –> Mark as disenrolled.
    Please note that once the device is marked as disenrolled, the device would be completely removed from your Hexnode portal and no data on the device can be retrieved. However, you can access the device details from Reports –> Devices –> Disenrolled devices, but the data would be updated till the device is disenrolled and no further updates on the device would be added once the disenrollment is complete.
    Here is the link for your assistance.

    Eva Tyler
    Hexnode MDM