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So, we are recruiting for some remote positions and onboarded a few recruits across the country. We sent them M1 macs for office use. We configured a FileVault policy and enabled FileVault encryption on these devices. Unfortunately, we forgot to Escrow the Personal Recovery Key while configuring the policy.

Fetching these devices back is definitely a no-go. The help doc mentions, “Once set up, removing the policy or disassociating devices does not disable FileVault.” Will it be possible to disable FileVault remotely through Hexnode before reapplying the policy?

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    Ethan Miller


    Hi @lyra,

    Thank you for choosing Hexnode!

    We can definitely help you with your query. You could use Hexnode’s Live Terminal feature to get direct access to your device OS remotely and disable FileVault. First, configure Live Terminal and then run the command:



    Then, you will be asked to enter your Admin account password. After entering the admin password, you will be prompted to enter the username and password of the account permitted to unlock the disk before decrypting it. Once the credentials are entered, FileVault will be disabled. And you are all set! You can reapply a new policy with the new configurations as necessary.

    I hope this meets your requirement. Feel free to ping us for further questions.


    Ethan Miller