Could Apple TV application support Application Configuration as well?

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I have checked the Documentations and Forum for half a day or so. It looks to me that Pushing App Config function is not supported for tvOS platform (but is supported for iOS) in Hexnode. Is that true? I have searched and found that maybe Jamf is able support this function for tvOS:

Our requirement is to install our own app and set as single app mode for hundreds of Apple TVs among various countries & regions, and apply different configurations based on UDID after installation.

If in hexnode, this requirement cannot be fulfilled by pushing app config files, is there any way to communicate between the application in Apple TV and hexnode MDM? Here’re some ideas I can come up with:

1. Hexnode send background notifications to Apple TV for our app to receive and handle

2. Hexnode get screenshot of the Apple TV after installation so we can get see the UUID in app UI, thus we know the mappings of UDID and UUID.

3. Hexnode get the app logs of Apple TV to capture the printed UUID string

Much apprieciate if anyone could help.

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    Chris Wheeler


    Hi @alex-zhang, thank you for reaching out on Hexnode Connect!

    As a workaround, you can use the Deploy Custom Configuration under Policies > Apple TV to deploy .plist files containing the app configuration to your tvOS devices. To obtain the .plist file, you may reach out to the app developer.

    We greatly appreciate your requests and suggestions with the Hexnode Community and looking forward to more.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM


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    Behrang Makouei


    Hi @Chris,

    Is hexnode’s Custom Configuration capable of sending Application Configurations alongside the apps when they are deployed? I am referencing something like what JAMF Pro lets you do when deploying an application under “App Configuration”, which is about passing some specefic configuration dictionary/plist to the apps that can have hard coded values in addition to standard variables which will be replaced by devices specific values upon deployment. For example, in JAMF Pro, I can specify the following for an application when creating an application profile







    And then the value of eztv_udid will be replaced by the actual UDID of the device and will be availble to the application that I’m configuring.

    I have a digital sigange application for Apple TV (called EZ Plus) and one of my customers is using your solution for their MDM, and hence I’m trying to figure out how to help them customize the application and deploy remotely.



  • Hello @behrang-makouei, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

    Hexnode UEM currently does not support the deployment of application configurations to Apple TVs. However, we will take up the use-case with the respective teams and check the feasibility of implementing the feature.
    We’ll surely keep you in the loop!

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM