Customize your Mac Wallpaper with Hexnode

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Hello Mac Admins!

Lemme grab your attention for a while.

We are glad to share our new feature – ‘Wallpaper for Mac’. With our latest update, you can now customize the wallpaper for your endpoint Macs with just a single click.

The customizations include the option to include multiple images, position the images, change the picture at various instances and more. You can also apply the wallpaper to all the users on the Mac.

Here’s where you can configure this!

  • Policies > macOS > Configurations > Wallpaper

Peep into our documentation on Wallpaper for Mac to know more!

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode UEM

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  • Hey @adam-hall, sorry to hear that!

    The feature seems to be working fine on devices based on macOS Ventura.

    Could you please check if any restrictions regarding wallpaper modification have been configured on your Hexnode portal?

    Ensure that the option Wallpaper Modification under Policies > macOS > Advanced Restrictions > Device Functionality and Personalization is checked so that you can modify the wallpaper on the device.

    If not, we suggest that you reach out to Apple Support or raise the issue in Apple Support Community.


    Eren Schwarz
    Hexnode UEM


  • Participant

    Conner Shaw


    We had the same issue when we updated our macs to ventura. It probably is a bug, apple might fix it in a future update. Meanwhile, you can try these, and see if it helps.

    • Reboot the devices a few times. Generally, these issues get resolved after reboots.
    • Enable Wallpaper tint and remove dynamic wallpaper.
    • Set custom wallpaper directly on the device.

    These are not official fixes. We just tried them and it worked.