Customizable Roles (or at least a Device Manager Role)

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For our organization we wanted to use Hexnode to manage phones that essentially act as single-app devices which we sell to our customers. Each Policy would represent a different customer of ours. Our production and support staff would then need the power to manage the phones (reassign policy, remote control, etc) but NOT have the ability to edit or delete policies, add users, etc. Basically we needed a “device manager” role.

The current 3 roles are extremely limiting and ended up preventing us from being able to select Hexnode as our MDM to manage our thousands of phones.

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    Amy Watson


    Hi Taylor!
    Sorry to let you down. Our team’s already working on customizing technician roles and the ‘Device Manager’ role seems like a pretty good addition to the standard technician roles we have. We’ll update you as soon as we have an ETA from the team on the feature’s release.

    Meanwhile, do look into our latest feature updates in Release Notes.

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM