Check iOS jailbreak and macOS root status

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Hi Hexnode! Looking to purchase a new MDM solution for our firm. We have adapted the Apple ecosystem extensively. We see that you provide features to block apps and enforce password policies. Hexnode fits our bill, but we would like to confirm if you guys provide a way to:

  1. To detect an iOS device jailbroken
  1. To check root user status in macOS devices.

Thanks in advance!


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    Ethan Miller


    Hey, @Patrick!

    We are delighted to welcome you to our Hexnode Community!

    Indeed, we can help you identify and ensure compliance of jailbroken iOS devices. First, navigate to Admin > General Settings. By marking the “Device is jailbroken” checkbox under Compliance Settings you can automatically mark an iOS device as non-compliant if the device is jailbroken.



    You can also check if root user is enabled on macOS devices by remotely running a customised command with Hexnode’s Execute Custom Script action from the portal. You can view the output of the command in Action History by clicking on Show Output status of the script.

    Use the command:

    If root is enabled it will output Password: *, otherwise it shows No such key: Password.

    Check root user status from Hexnode portal

    The given script is based on third-party Open-Source sources. Hexnode will not be held liable for any system damage or loss caused by the script’s behavior. Before running the command in bulk, manually validate the script execution on a system as a precaution.

    We hope this meets your requirements. Please reach out to us for further inquiries.


    Ethan Miller

    Hexnode UEM