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Block Fast Pair Feature in Kiosk mode for Android deviceSolved

9 months ago

Hey everyone, so we’re running this store where we rely on Samsung devices to manage our product inventory. We’ve got our own custom app all set up in single-app kiosk mode on these devices. But here’s the thing, we’re facing this issue where random Bluetooth gadgets keep trying to connect and popping up on top of our kiosk app. Any tips on how to stop this? Maybe a way to block that fast pair feature on the devices?

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9 months ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hey @lyra, our school uses Samsung tablets to conduct mock tests every weekend, we also face the same issue of devices showing up connection prompts from third-party Bluetooth devices, while the device is on Single App Kiosk mode during the mock tests. It would be of great help if there was an option or package to resolve this issue by blocking the Fast Pair feature in the device.

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Hexnode Expert
9 months ago
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Hi @lyra and @eugene

Thank you for choosing Hexnode!

We understand your situation. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable Fast Pair remotely. Instead, we recommend manually turning it off by following the instructions below.

For devices running Android 14, open Settings and search for “Scan for nearby devices” or navigate to:

Settings > Connected devices > Connection Preferences > Fast Pair and turn off Scan for nearby devices.

Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings and turn off Nearby device scanning (Samsung).
Settings > Location > Location services and turn off Bluetooth scanning (Pixel).


For devices running below Android 14, navigate to:

Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing > Devices and Turn off Scan for nearby devices.


Hope this helps. Do reach out if you have any further queries.


Have a nice day.


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