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Blacklisting/Whitelisting apps on MacSolved

Hexnode Expert
4 years ago

We are pretty happy to announce the launch of a new feature to allow/deny access to specific applications on macOS devices.

Block/allow apps on macOS devices using Hexnode MDM

With this, you can create a set of apps/app groups to be blacklisted or whitelisted, based on the requirements of your organization. This feature works only on devices running macOS 10.11+. You also need to ensure that the Hexnode agent app v4.5 or above is installed on your devices.

Here’s where you can configure this!

  • Policies > macOS > App Management > Blacklisting/Whitelisting.

Blacklist/Whitelist apps on Mac

Wanna know more? Have a look here.

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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