best way to update an enterprise app deployed in kiosk mode

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Hi, what’s the best way to update an enterprise app deployed in kiosk mode? is it adding a new version of the same application in admin section and then adding it to kiosk apps or changing apk for existing app in admin page? Thanks

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    Hi Lucas,

    If you want to push the new update to all the Kiosks deployed, then it’s best to change the APK but if you want to keep multiple versions of the same app to be pushed to different sets of devices, say for testing, then, you need to use the other method. Add the new version to the app inventory, then add it to Kiosk apps in a policy and then assign the policy to only those devices that need app updates. You can keep an unlimited number of versions of the same app in the inventory.

    If you want to downgrade, then you need to replace the APK. If multiple versions are assigned via policy, only the latest version gets installed on the device.

    Here’s the definitive guide to updating enterprise apps in Kiosk mode.

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