Apple ID password change affecting VPP token

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When the Apple ID password was changed for an account associated with Apple VPP, the token for VPP also changes. Would this affect any VPP apps that were already installed via the MDM server that would now have a revoked (obsolete) VPP token?

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    Amy Watson


    Hey Sawyer!

    Since the token has changed, you’d have to get the token updated in the MDM portal as well. Further app installations and updations are possible only after the VPP token update.
    VPP apps that are already installed on the devices won’t be affected by this unless there’s an update in the queue.

    In your Hexnode MDM portal, head onto Admin > Apple Business/School Manager > Apple VPP. Click on the edit icon corresponding to the account and upload the new VPP token file.
    You can also refer to our help doc on renewing the VPP token in the Hexnode portal.

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode UEM

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