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We made a device group with hexnode to install a new version of Adobe Acrobat on devices used by our sales team. We have other devices that are not members of this group with  Acrobat installed without our authorization …. can we check these devices and uninstall these apps with hexnode??
Thanks in advance!!

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    Ethan Miller


    Hi, @Breya!

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Indeed, you can use Hexnode to uninstall apps from a group of devices. You have an authorized device group, say “Sales Team” created to install Acrobat. Now, to delete the app already installed in unauthorized devices, create a group of devices that does not fall into the list of authorized devices.
    You can do this by navigating to Device Groups under the Manage tab. You can either create a custom group or a dynamic group.

    1. Select New Group to manually add devices to custom device group.
    2. Or, you could select New Dynamic Group to create a group based on a criterion that covers all other devices. Example, add an exception such that all devices not in the department “Sales” are in the new group.

    Once this group is created, you can initiate the uninstall action by navigating to the Manage tab.

    1. Click on Device Groups under the Manage tab. Select the newly created group and click on Actions.
    2. Select Uninstall Application action and search for “Acrobat”.
    3. Uninstall application action

    4. Select the app and click Done.

    You can see the status of the uninstall action initiated on your devices by navigating to the Reports tab. Click on Action History under Audit Reports to view the Remove Application action executed on your devices.

    Hope this answer meets your requirements

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM