Adding app catalogs to Android devices in Kiosk mode

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Hello Hexnode team,
Is there any way to add app catalog in kiosk mode for Android devices?
Thank You!

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    Hi Luna,

    Yes, you can configure App catalog in kiosk mode on android devices.

    You can also set up multiple catalogs to effectively provision apps for different sets of targeted users
    Please navigate to policy-> Kiosk lockdown-> Android kiosk lockdown-> Peripheral settings-> Access app catalog in kiosk.

    Please navigate to Apps tab-> App Catalogs-> Click on + New-> Click on Apps-> +Add Apps to add apps of your choice to the catalog.
    Now that you have created the app catalog, you will have to get the policy associated with the devices.
    For pushing app catalog policy onto a device, navigate to Policies tab-> Android Settings-> App Management-> Catalog-> Click +Add Catalog-> Choose the catalog from the list and click Done. Now, associate the policy with the target device by clicking on Policy Targets-> +Add Devices.

    For more information on configuring App catalog in devices, refer to this link.