Android Webview just showing as black in Single App Kiosk Model

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I’m trying to find the setting in hexnode that is making any webview i show in my app to appear as black/blank.

It is also happening when i use youtube.  It is a flutter app running on android, it works fine outside hexnode so i think its some missing app from my background apps.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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    If your app is opening a webview it is better you add that specific website as a “webapp” in itself, and add it into Kiosk mode’s background apps.

    This is a case of your application (store/ in-house) opening a webview. It shall open well if you have an in-built webview like Facebook. If not, you can add that specific URL as a webapp into background apps.

    But if you are still facing trouble you can ping them directly, those chaps, real fast..

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    Thomas Specter


    Hi Neil & Valerie,

    Thank you for questions and solutions.

    As mentioned by Valerie, it would be best to add the webview as a backgrounded webapp in kiosk mode.

    You need to navigate to Apps -> Add Apps -> Webapp. Here, you can enter the website that needs to open in kiosk -> Create the webapp.

    Then, you can add this webapp to the background apps of your kiosk policy.

    Else, if you need to add a browser to open up webviews, you can do that as well, by installing a browser and adding it to your list of background apps. But please note that when this is done, the user might be able to browse any website.


    Thomas Specter
    Hexnode MDM