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Android Schedule turn of / turn on / orSolved

1 year ago

Hi, would be great to implement that we can sceduled when the devices should be active or not.
Another feature that hadd would been great for us is a way to schedules to delete app info/ data.

John Terje

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Hexnode Expert
1 year ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hello @john-terje-bremnes, welcome to Hexnode Community!

We’re already working on a feature that enables IT admins to schedule device power on/off, it won’t take too long. Please keep an eye on the What’s Cooking section!

Regarding scheduling app data deletion, we can’t make any promises at the moment, but we will bring it up with the respective teams. You can always use the Clear App Data action to clear app data or cache on Android devices in bulk.

Best Regards,
Chloe Edison
Hexnode UEM