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Can you include the complete build number to better manage the Android phones? Right now Hexnode displays the OS and part of the build number, PPR1.180610.11, for instance. This does not help when we want to utilize Hexnode to ensure our users are running their monthly system patches as it is the second set of character that actually change, not the first set. Example, today the Android build number for OS 9 on the Note 8 is PPR1.180610.011.N950USQS6DSI3. This would be extremely helpful since there was recently a critical security vulnerability and the October update was the fix. So instead of using our MDM product to manage our phones as it was intended to do and monitor the update progress through Hexnode, I now have to have my users send screenshots of their build number after they have ran updates to prove they are done, which takes time out of their day and my day to confirm.

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    Nick Parker


    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for posting your query!

    There are 2 ways to fetch the build number of a device; we can fetch it either as “device-id” or “device-display-id”.
    “device-id” is a truncated version of the “device-display-id”. In some devices, both are the same.
    At the moment, we fetch the “device-id” of devices. We have already fixed the issue.
    This will be rolled out in the upcoming update of the Hexnode app.

    Nick Parker
    Hexnode MDM