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It would be really great if all the licenses models (enterprise, ultimate, ultra) would be available in one environment (portal).

That way I could do the following thing, for example:

  1. buy 20 enterprise licenses to manage iPhones
  2. buy 10 ultimate licenses to manage Macbooks.

That way I could manage the entire fleet in a single environment/portal.

Hope you can put this on the roadmap.


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    Robert Smith


    Robert Smith



    Hope you are doing well,

    Regarding the pricing models, the plan that you subscribe to is set for the portal and not for the licences that are purchased as per the current system. The pricing restricts the features that are available to the admin in the portal rather than the payload that is being pushed to the device.

    Developing an option for pricing plans based on the licences would more likely end up making the software more complex and less intuitive for the user as well since the configurations in the policy or actions would have to be compared with the plan of the licence that has been set. In addition to this, the entire flow and structure of the system would have to be changed as well.

    We understand that an option like this would be incredibly useful as you would be able to obtain the licences as per the plan required for the particular device models and would be cost-effective as well. We shall raise the request with the team concerned and check if we could create such a modification while keeping the platform as simple as possible.

    If this is feasible, we shall look into the possibility of having this developed and released as well.




    Hexnode MDM