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It would be really great if all the licenses models (enterprise, ultimate, ultra) would be available in one environment (portal).

That way I could do the following thing, for example:

  1. buy 20 enterprise licenses to manage iPhones
  2. buy 10 ultimate licenses to manage Macbooks.

That way I could manage the entire fleet in a single environment/portal.

Hope you can put this on the roadmap.


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    Robert Smith



    Hope you are doing well,

    Regarding the pricing models, the plan that you subscribe to is set for the portal and not for the licences that are purchased as per the current system. The pricing restricts the features that are available to the admin in the portal rather than the payload that is being pushed to the device.

    Developing an option for pricing plans based on the licences would more likely end up making the software more complex and less intuitive for the user as well since the configurations in the policy or actions would have to be compared with the plan of the licence that has been set. In addition to this, the entire flow and structure of the system would have to be changed as well.

    We understand that an option like this would be incredibly useful as you would be able to obtain the licences as per the plan required for the particular device models and would be cost-effective as well. We shall raise the request with the team concerned and check if we could create such a modification while keeping the platform as simple as possible.

    If this is feasible, we shall look into the possibility of having this developed and released as well.




    Hexnode MDM

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    IJsvogel Retail



    Thank you for your explanation, and i totally agree that it has to be as simple as possible for the end user.

    I could think of that you would create tabs at the top of the portal that have the names of each licenses (enterprise, ultimate, ultra etc).

    Once clicked, all the settings underneath are the same, except you only see the devices that are assigned to that specific license model. I think this is very visual for the end user, and so he knows where he is in the portal.

    The problem that needs to be solved I think, is that the end users doesn’t have to login to different portals/environments and can purchase only the licenses he really needs for each different device. Technically in the backend it could still be separated environments, just not for the end user. However, then you need to have an option to transfer an enrolled device to a different environment. I’m pretty sure you have some geniuses over there that could figure this one out :D.

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    Jeff Black


    Hi there!

    Thank you for the detailed suggestion. We are glad to hear different suggestions and the idea of having tabs based on the plan does sound enticing. This idea is quite spot on and among the various possible models that may be feasible and we do appreciate you bringing it up. However, as you had figured, this involves using multiple environments in the backend and fundamentally changing the entire structure of the portal compared to what we have now.

    In addition to this, licences would have to be assigned during the enrollment process in order to have the required devices added to the corresponding plan tab. Needless to say, this could cause quite a few mess-ups in the event of self-enrollment. Due to this, additional actions like changing the plan of the enrolled device is likely to result in the need to disenroll and enrol devices creating further complexity during device onboarding.

    As you can imagine, an implementation like this would definitely take a while to decide the best model let alone having it implemented. In the backend, this would be similar to redesigning the entire portal not to mention the numerous edge cases and quality tests that have to be checked as well.

    A change of this magnitude is something that would definitely take a while, however, we shall keep you in the loop with the updates regarding this.

    Jeff Black
    Hexnode MDM

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    IJsvogel Retail



    i’m actually wondering if there is a roadmap for this feature?

    I think it’s one of the biggest disadvantage at the moment. For example, this is possible within Microsoft 365 (intune) and Gsuite. here you buy a certain amount of  light, basic or business licenses. And ad the one you need to the user.

    Or maybe it’s possible that alle the licenses are availble from the start, and the moment a device uses some feature that falls in another plan, you pay more. You could let the user know by an pop-up.



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    Hi there,

    Hope you are doing well.

    We do appreciate your valuable suggestions. I want to let you know that we have already shared this with our development team.

    Robert and Jeff have already mentioned the possible difficulties in implementing such a change in a live environment. It would require a complete revision of each portal configuration and numerous test cases to be validated.

    So, this would definitely cost a considerable amount of time for even the planning, testing and implementation phase. We shall keep you in the loop with further updates.

    Michelle Hendricks
    Hexnode UEM

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