Adding a URL to kiosk devices

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Can you assist me with information about me adding a link to an android kiosk setup?
The idea is to add a link to our support page on the kiosk home screen
It is a multi app kiosk setup
Only android for now ?

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  • Hexnode

    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for posting.

    You can add the URL as a Web App and can deploy the Web App to a device in Kiosk mode.
    Please navigate to the Apps tab and click on ‘+ Add Apps’. Select the ‘Web App’ from the drop-down list. Add a name, URL, icon and category of the app. Click ‘Add’. The Web App will now be added to the App list.
    After the Web App is created, add it to the Kiosk policy and save the policy.

    Kindly use the help link for detailed explanation of the same.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM