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Add comments on scripts listSolved

1 year ago

Hi !

I’ve some custom scripts. Some of this scripts (few used) require arguments.
And I don’t remenber when I run the custom script how argument I’ve to add.

If it will be possible to add comments when I upload a script, it will be possible to show this comment when I run a script to remember the right way to use it !

Sorry for my aproximative english,


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Hexnode Expert
1 year ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hello @jean-claude-lopez,

Just to confirm, are you suggesting a tweak wherein the technicians could add comments or notes related to the script while uploading it, so that it is easier to understand its purpose and functionality during execution?

For example, while uploading the script file, you should be able to add notes to specify what the script is about, whether it requires arguments, the type and number of arguments, or other relevant details. Is that so?

Do let us know so we can take it up with the respective team and explore possible solutions.

Best Regards,
Chloe Edison
Hexnode UEM