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Hi @Alfred-Hudsey, that’s an interesting one!
In all applicable cases, each update is treated individually and the same settings apply to each one of them, even if it’s a fix over an older update that is being delayed by the setting.
For the sake of an example, say you’ve set the update delay interval to 30 days; update to iOS v11.4 is released on day 1 and iOS v11.5 is released on day 10. Even if iOS v11.5 released while an update to iOS v11.4 was being delayed by the setting; the two updates will appear consecutively only after the set time interval applied to each i.e., iOS v11.4 update will appear on day 31 and iOS v11.5 update will appear on day 41, calculated from the date of release of the update.

Hope I was able to help.
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