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April WatsonApril Watson

Hey Florence, thank you for reaching out to us!

Yes, you can remotely manage and apply restrictions on all your devices with Hexnode UEM. You just need to make a group of all your devices and apply the policies to the group. Do have a look at device group management to know more.

Here’s how you apply policies to all your devices.

1. Once you have successfully configured the policy, head on to Policy Targets and select the device group you have created.
2. If you want to associate an existing policy with the devices, just head on to Manage > Device Groups, choose the device group, click on Actions > Associate Policy and choose the appropriate policy from list of policies.

Don’t forget that the policy can be applied to Devices/Users/User Groups or Domains as well.

Hope this clears your query.

April Watson
Hexnode UEM

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