Reply To: Device inactivity – impact of marking inactive and recovery

AvatarEva Tyler


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Marking a device as inactive enable the Admin to fetch those devices that are not communicating with the Hexnode portal. The devices can be marked as non-compliant if it does not communicate with the Hexnode server for the specified seconds of inactivity and the option ‘Devices becomes inactive’ is selected within Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings.

To set the inactivity time period, please do navigate to Admin > General Settings > Inactivity Settings.
You would be able to generate the list of all inactive devices from the Reports tab > Device Reports > Inactive devices.

Once the devices are connected to an internet connection, provided they still have the Hexnode profile installed on the devices, the device would begin communicating with the server and hence would be marked as Active.

This process would be spontaneous, however in case the status does not update, you can try pushing a scan device action from Actions > Scan Device.

Eva Tyler
Hexnode MDM