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Got a question if we are able to restart the devices automatically certain times? Says every morning 4 am? Or could we restart the devices manually from your MDM tool?

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    Hi, Abbi.

    The Manual restart function is available on Android with Samsung SAFE devices and on iOS with Supervised devices (supports Power off too). For this to work on generic Android, the device should be rooted or should have the Hexnode MDM app flashed in as a system app. As for the scheduled restart, we get that it’s a much-needed one, which is why we will soon release a feature to schedule all the actions including Device restart. Stay tuned for our release updates.

    Here is how you can manually restart a device,

    1. Go to Management > Devices
    2. Click open the device you want to have restarted
    3. restart device
    4. Click on the Actions button up top and scroll down to Restart device
      You will see a confirmation message with the list of supported devices
    5. Click Restart and the device will get restarted in a minute or two.

    If you want a bunch of devices to be restarted at once, you can do that as well.

    1. Go to Management > Device Groups
    2. Create a Static or Dynamic group
    3. Open the device group. From Actions select Restart device
    4. All the devices in the group will be sent a restart command
      Those devices that support the feature will be restarted.

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