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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

This feature lets the administrator to broadcast messages to the user’s devices.
In case of Android devices, the device should be enrolled in Hexnode ,in order to receive the broadcasted message. In iOS devices, the Hexnode app will be automatically installed on the device on completing the enrollment process. Open the app and allow Hexnode to display the notifications for receiving the messages sent by the admin.
Follow the below steps for broadcasting the message:

  1. Navigate to Manage-> Devices and select the device to which the message is to be sent.
  2. Click on the Actions button and choose the option Broadcast Message.
  3. Type in the message. Wildcards can be included.
  4. Click on Send and the message will be delivered to the chosen device.

Check out the doc on broadcasting message to know more on this.

Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM