Introducing New Android Enterprise Restrictions

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We are constantly on the lookout for ways to make your life simpler and we are super excited to announce the introduction of four new Android Enterprise restrictions to help you with your Android device management.

  1. Allow input methods

Gives you more control over the input channels that are allowed on your user’s devices. Of course, system inputs will always be allowed and cannot be restricted.

  1. Setup Private DNS

Enhance security by setting up private DNS to encrypt DNS queries.

  1. Allow user modification of Private DNS settings

Allow or restrict your users from modifying their DNS settings as an added security measure.

  1. Allow cross-profile app communication

Facilitate the seamless sharing of information between the work profile and personal profile should the need arise.

With these restrictions in place, we hope that you’ll have an easier time managing your Android Enterprise fleet. Please note that the restrictions will be rolled out in batches so as to minimize disruption and ensure a seamless transition. And if you need any help with the configurations, you can checkout our updated help documentation or ping here at Hexnode Connect.

Happy testing,
Audrey Black
Hexnode UEM

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