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Hey, Thanks for posting the question.

In the case of a single app kiosk, the device can be locked down into a Windows Store app or UWP app.
Click here to know more about single app kiosk configuration on Windows devices.

Whereas the multi-app kiosk can have Windows store apps, UWP apps, and Desktop apps.
Click here to know more about multi-app kiosk configuration on Windows devices.

To lock down a Windows device into a kiosk mode:
Please navigate to Policies–>New Policy–>New Blank Policy–>Kiosk Lockdown–>Windows Kiosk Lockdown. You can choose from the ‘Single’ and ‘Multi’ app kiosk options based on your requirements. Click on configure. Enter the kiosk account name and click on the plus icon. Select the needed apps. Please note to associate policy targets and save the policy.


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