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Hi Eva,

If you have installed the enterprise app as a mandatory app, then, updating the apk will automatically update the app in the devices.
Otherwise, you will have to push the updated version to the devices via “Install Application” action.

1) Replace the old APK file with the new one in the Hexnode app inventory 

If the Enterprise app to be updated was pushed to the device as a mandatory app via policy, the app gets updated on the device, provided the policy remains associated with the device.

Follow the steps mentioned below to update the apps pushed as mandatory
1. Go to Apps and search for the enterprise app you want to update.
2. Click on the app.
3. On the app details box, click on the Settings drop-down (gear icon).
4. Select Edit from the drop-down list.
5. Click on the option Change beside the APK file.
6. Upload the new app version.
7. Click Save.

2)Push the new app version via install application action 

To install the new app version on your device, first add the new version to your app inventory and then follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Select the device from the Management page.
2. Click on Manage and choose Install application action.
3. Select the new app version from the list and click Done.

Click here to learn more about updating enterprise apps.

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