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For your IOS devices, you would have the option to have unique wallpapers set for your lock screen and your home screen. You would be able to do this by configuring the policy from Policy > IOS > Wallpaper. From here, you would have the option to set the home screen and lock screen of the devices as you require. You may then add the required devices as targets and save the policy.

Here is a link to guide you through this

For your Android devices, you would be able to set a single wallpaper and this would be applicable for both the home and the lock screen as well. Please note that the wallpaper that you set in the policy would overwrite the one previously set on the device, and hence each time you save the policy, both the home and lock screen shall be set to the wallpaper added to the policy.

We shall raise a feature request on your behalf for the option to set a different wallpaper for the home and lock screen. However, in the meantime, as a workaround, you could have a new policy with no other configurations, except the wallpaper set up.

Once this is done, you can then have this associated with the devices to ensure that they all have the same home screen and lock screen. After completing this, you can manually change either the lock screen or home screen to the one that you require. Since the wallpaper configurations are in a separate policy, it would not be saved frequently, and hence the wallpaper on the device would not be affected unless it is saved.

We understand that this is not ideal as it would require configurations to be set on the device end rather than remotely, but it would reduce the number of times the wallpaper is reset due to the policy being saved. You could try this out for the time being as we look into the feasibility of the feature to get it done remotely. Be rest assured that we shall keep you in the loop with updates on the possibility of this feature.

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