Reply To: Restart single kiosk app

AvatarJeff Black
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Hi Adrian,

Hope you are doing well,

This feature is on our roadmap and our team is looking to have this developed. As of now, this is being restricted by the MDM protocol set by Apple. Our team is looking to work around this in order to have more control over the app while the device is locked down to kiosk mode.

Once we are able to work around the MDM protocol while in single app mode, we would be able to perform actions like restarting and killing the app remotely. In the meantime, on the device end, you can have the devices restarted by the users. You can get this done by holding the sleep/wake button along with the volume up button. This would bring up the option to power off the device. Once the device is powered off, you can have it started once more and this would ensure that the app is killed and launched once more.

We shall keep you in the loop with the developments regarding this feature as our team works on it.

Stay safe and have a great day!

Jeff Black
Hexnode MDM.