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Hi @Bonny, hope you are doing well.
You can completely restrict USB Mass Storage devices by configuring a policy and setting up ‘Restrictions’ for Android. Unselect the USB Mass Storage option under Allow Device Functionality. This feature is available for Samsung Knox devices (Knox 2.5+), LG GATE, and Kyocera business devices. Any USB Mass Storage devices connected to your endpoint system should be blocked but all other USB devices like a USB mouse and keyboard should not be affected.

Alternatively, if relevant to your case, you can restrict file transfer between the endpoint device and a USB device from Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality; choose USB file transfer. This feature is available for Android Enterprise Device Owner devices and Samsung Knox devices (Knox 1.0+).

Hexnode also has options to selectively or entirely disable USB devices based on their functions. For example, while configuring a policy, blocking the UBS Host Storage from Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality will block all connections through the USB port. You can then add exceptions to the rules like peripheral devices (wireless keyboard/mouse), audio devices, etc. This feature is available for Samsung Knox devices having Knox 2.9+. Learn more about the feature from the help documentation on Advanced Restrictions for Android.

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