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Hey Hexnode community,

Is it possible to enforce mobile data on knox devices? Also, I need to block wireless connections to the devices.
Thanks in advance!

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    Catherine George


    Currently, we may not be able to enforce mobile data on Samsung Knox devices directly. However, if mobile data is already enabled on the device, we can restrict network connectivity to cellular data alone. Disabling other internet connections (such as Wi-Fi) and the device settings itself helps with it.

    Wi-Fi can be restricted from the Hexnode portal under Policies > Android > Restrictions > Allow Network Settings.

    Next, prevent the user from tampering with the settings configured on the device. Unselecting the option Modify settings (Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Settings) restricts user access to the device settings ultimately. For ensured security, you can also hide the system bars on the devices (Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Display Settings > Hide System Bars). It avoids user interactions to device settings through system bars.

    Now, to block wireless connections on the devices, you may uncheck the necessary options from Restrictions or Advanced Restrictions. Apart from the options we discussed above, there are other network settings also.

    • Bluetooth, Tethering (Policies > Android > Restrictions > Allow Network Settings)
    • NFC, Android Beam, Beam from the device, Transfer data via Bluetooth, etc. (Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Connectivity Options)

    You may modify these settings accordingly.

    Feel free to contact us anytime!

    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM