Reply To: Restore Apple devices enrolled in Hexnode


Great! As there is no DEP in the picture, I can recommend another way of achieving this.

You will need another temporary iOS device with the exact same iOS version, preferably of the same model to proceed.

  1. First, restore your backup to the temporary iOS device.
  2. Now, finish the setup procedures on the temporary device after restoring the backup.
  3. Now, connect the temporary device to iTunes or Apple configurator 2 and make a backup of the temporary device.
  4. Using Apple Configurator 2 or iTunes, restore the backup of the temporary device on the original device.
  5. The original device will boot up after restoring and show the “Hello” screen.
  6. Do not make any changes to the device now.
  7. Connect it to Apple Configurator 2 and supervise the device.
  8. After supervision, the device will show the “Hello” screen again.
  9. Complete the setup.
  10. Your device must now be supervised with the original backup.

I hope this method works. Keep us posted.

Shawn Payne.
Hexnode UEM