Windows EXE app installation: “Unable to meet the success criteria set” message

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I attempted to install an EXE application on my Windows device, but the installation failed with an error message stating, “Unable to meet the success criteria set.” The success criteria I had specified was “File Exists,” and I provided the location for the created folder on the target device. If anyone has dealt with a similar problem or has tips for exe app installation on Windows without failure, I’d like to hear your solutions for this problem.

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  • Hi @luuk ! Thank you for reaching out to us.
    Upon reviewing the issues you raised, we have identified that the problem lies with the path you provided under the “File Exists” criterion. As you mentioned, you provided the location of the created “folder” instead of specifying the location of the “file”. When configuring File Exists as the success criterion for EXE app installation, ensure that you provide the path to the actual “file” created. Using any other location besides the file location may result in an error during the EXE app installation process. This file location could be the default path for the app installation on the device.

    An example of the correct format for the File Exists criterion is as follows:

    Successful Criteria – File Exists
    Path – C:\Hexnode\Hexnode UEM\Current\Hexnode UEM.exe

    Also, you have the option to configure other success criteria for the installation of the Windows EXE app. These are detailed in the Windows EXE app installation help document.

    By following the above-suggested solution, you should be able to resolve the problem. If you have any further difficulties or queries, feel free to reach out.

    With Regards,
    Hexnode UEM