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We are working with iPads in airline cockpits and need a really strong application management on our ipads: we have set up a catalog with 15 applications (like free applications from Airbus: flysmart) and we need:

– To prevent any automatic application update on the ipads as we need to test the system on a test ipad before deploying the update live in cockpits

– To force the update on ALL the ipads when the system is checked

– To have non updated ipads sen as “non compliant” for our policy

This is both a safety and regulatory constraint.

Can you help me on these setups ?



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  • Hello @Deelux, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

    1. Apps can be pushed to the devices using either the Mandatory Apps policy or the Install Application action.

      install app using install application action under manage tab

      install apps using mandatory apps policy

      But store apps that are added using the Mandatory Apps policy will get automatically updated as long as the policy is associated with the device. Hence, to prevent automatic app updates, push them into the devices using the Install Application action instead of adding them as mandatory apps.

      In addition, on the device end, navigate to Settings > App Store > App Updates > Automatic Downloads and disable App Updates.

      Enable or disable automatic app update downloads

    2. Once system checks are done, you can add the apps to the devices using the Mandatory Apps policy. As mentioned earlier, these apps will get updated automatically if the policy is associated with the device.

      Also, on the device end, navigate to Settings > App Store > App Updates > Automatic Downloads and enable App Updates.

    3. Different users may opt for different versions of an app, just like you mentioned above, a case where you want to delay app updates until it is tested. Therefore, labeling those devices with a former app version installed as non-compliant will not suit every user.

      Although, if one of the mandatory apps is missing from the device, the device will be labeled as non-compliant, provided that the Device is not application compliant option under Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings is enabled.

    Hope this helps.

    Chloe Edison,
    Hexnode UEM