Wi-Fi not working after enrolling to hexnode

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Just enrolled a samsung tab and the wi-fi got turned off. I am unable to turn it back on. Each time I try, I get this message and here is the funny thing: I haven’t done anything to the hotspot.this tab doesn’t support sim card so no mobile data. How do I access internet again?

cannot connect to the internet on android

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  • Might be an issue with the device. You can get the device back online by sharing the internet of another device through Bluetooth. Pair the device with another device that has net connectivity. Enable Bluetooth tethering on the device with net connectivity.  Request for Internet access from your tab. If everything goes correctly, u will get your device back online in no time.

  • Hello Kourtney,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Check the policies that are associated with the device. You might have configured a restriction that is forcing mobile hotspot to remain on at all times. One cannot use Wi-Fi and hotspot at the same time. Set the restriction, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to either Users can choose or Always off. This setting can be found in Restrictions > Allow Network Settings section of the Android policy. You will be able to use Wi-Fi once the policy/policies are modified. In the meantime, you can use Bluetooth tethering to access the internet.

    Portable Wi-Fi hotspot was introduced to let the admin control the hotspot on the enrolled devices. This setting will not work if the restriction, Force Wi-Fi is enabled.

    Deborah Timothy
    Hexnode UEM