What is a User?

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I am doing a trial on Hexnode. Can you explain what a User is and how the user is attached to a device.

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    Frank Clinton


    A user refers to the person who is going to use any of the devices enrolled in your portal. A user can have multiple devices assigned to them but a single device can only assigned to one user at a time.

    If case of a Bring Your Own Device model, typically, each of the devices are enrolled under and assigned to the corresponding device owners.

    In case of corporate owned devices, you can enroll all the devices under a single user and then re-assign them to each of the end users.

    You can import the existing users, groups and even domains in your Active Directory into Hexnode MDM or manually create users.

    You can also create groups to better organize them.

    Check out the different User Management functions here.


    Frank Clinton
    Hexnode MDM.