Application/Storage Sandboxing

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I am interested in limiting file access to certain applications, for example a video file that can only be accessed by Adobe/etc, to limit the file from being copied,uploaded anywhere else.

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    Hey @Ricardo-K, welcome to the Hexnode Community!

    It’s always a pleasure to see new names popping up in the forums.

    And although we didn’t quite catch what you said, we did have a fun time guessing what you meant.

    Were you trying to lock the devices down in kiosk mode and assign a default application for opening specific file types? Or perhaps to use a business container for restricting managed file access to managed applications? Maybe take it a step further and prevent copying to clipboard.

    But no matter how much we racked our brains we still couldn’t be 100% sure about your request.

    So we would really appreciate it if you would answer a few quick questions to help us better understand your requirements.

    Here goes…

    1. Which platform or platforms are your devices running on?
    2. Are your devices corporate-owned or personal-owned?
    3. And if they are personally-owned, can the files you are trying to secure be labeled as managed files?And are the apps that are to open these files managed apps?
    4. Are you trying to add the apps as a default application for opening the specific file types?

    And of course, you’re always free to pitch in additional information 😉

    Awaiting your reply,
    Audrey Black
    Hexnode UEM