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Why is it that when we add a new version of an app for devices in kiosk mode the app version does not propagate to all the policies?

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    Alana Bardot


    Hi  Harley,

    Assuming that you are talking about an Enterprise App. For Android devices, it is possible to update enterprise apps that are setup as Kiosk. There are 3 methods to update an enterprise app in Android Kiosk mode:
    Method 1: Replace the old APK file with the new one in the Hexnode app inventory.
    Method 2: Add the new app version in the kiosk whitelist.
    Method 3: Push the new app version via install application option (only for devices supporting silent app install)
    In the first two methods the enterprise app which is on the device will show an image of a wrench on it. Clicking on that app, the user can install the new app version. The app will install silently without any prompts only in the third case.

    For further details refer our help doc: Update Enterprise Kiosk app for Android devices with MDM

    Alana Bardot
    Hexnode MDM.