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Hello All, I’m trying to set the homepage on our Mac’s running chrome as our default browser, but having issues.

Has anyone tried doing this? Since Hexnode can’t send a file to a remote machine. I originally wanted to use the CloudManagementEnrollmentToken for our Google workspace account and send that to our machines.
So, I have been looking at a custon config using a .mobileconfig file. This file is XML and I just want to set the homepage. So, I have…
Which is from google but I have to wrap it in other XML code and this is what I don’t have.
Anyone trying to do anything similar?


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  • Hello @jonathon, thank you for reaching out to us.

    In order to set the homepage in Google Chrome, there are three Chrome policies that you need to configure:

    • ShowHomeButton – This policy has to be enabled so that the home button is displayed in the toolbar.
    • HomepageLocation – The URL that the home button must lead to has to be specified.
    • HomepageIsNewPage – If this policy is enabled, the home button will lead to a New Tab page, irrespective of whether a homepage URL has been specified. Hence this policy has to be disabled.

    Execute the XML code given below:

    In the code, substitute ‘’ with the URL of your choice.

    You can use the Deploy Custom Configuration policy to execute the XML code from the Hexnode UEM portal.
    Once the policy is executed, the custom profile will be added to your device, and the changes will be reflected when you open Google Chrome.

    Deploy configuration profile to set homepage on google chrome

    Hope this helps with your query.

    Chloe Edison,
    Hexnode UEM

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    Ok, well I have figured this out. I have now got a zsh script for our Mac’s and a Powershell script for our PC’s. I then execute a custom script on the machines. Not done this before but simple really.