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Hii, need some help out here!! So, we bought some new devices for our staff. Our IT department has been short-staffed lately and had to deploy them without setting up details like department and such. Can we do this remotely from the portal??

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    Ethan Miller


    Hi, @hayes!

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    You can indeed distribute device attributes to devices in bulk. Navigate to Manage > Devices > Actions and specify device details using Edit Device Attributes action. You may use this action to assign a bunch of device attributes to a single device or a group of devices. Distribute a standard set of information that identifies your device by customizing the following attributes:

    • Device name – You may edit the name of the device.
    • Asset tag – You can add labels that identify a device.
    • Department – Add any value to this  field to identify which department a device belongs to.
    • Ownership type – Choose between corporate or personal devices.
    • Device notes – Include device – specific notes that can be modified to recognize the device easily.
    • Description – Add a brief description of the device.

    All these details will be reflected on the Device Info page. For example, a new device is assigned to the user with these attributes:

    Device name – Aarons MacBook Air
    Asset tag – MAC101
    Department – Marketing
    Ownership type – Corporate
    Device notes – macOS Big Sur
    Description – Do not wipe or upgrade.

    These attributes make it easier for the users to handle devices and simplify device inventory management. You can select multiple devices at a time and set collective attributes or choose to upload a CSV file with device information. The changes will be reflected once the remote action is initiated. You can learn more about how to remotely modify device attributes from our help doc.

    Hope this answer suits your requirement.

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM