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We have a set of Android phones and we are looking to see if these devices have an app that we don’t want to run on them. Is there a way to search for this specific app across all the devices and export the list of devices running this unwanted app?

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    Hey, Thanks for posting the query.

    If you don’t want a particular app to be used in a number of devices, you can blacklist the app. To blacklist an app:

    1. Navigate to Policies. Create a new one or choose to edit an existing one.
    2. Select Android–>App management–>Blacklist/Whitelist. Click on ‘configure’.
    3. Click on +Add–>Add app–>Select the desired app from the list. Click Done.
    4. Associate targets and save the policy.

    You can get the list of devices with the blacklisted apps installed. Please go to the Reports tab and then the Device Reports. Click on ‘Devices with blacklisted apps’ and you will the details of the devices with the blacklisted apps. Click on the ‘Export’ button at the top and you can export the details as a PDF/CSV file.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM