Scheduled Enterprise App Updates

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Please create an option on the “Edit” screen for enterprise apps where we can schedule a new .ipa or .apk file to be put into production at a future date/time. Maintenance windows are usually overnight, so having to get up in the middle of the night to update an enterprise app is very frustrating.

Thank you!

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  • Hexnode

    Emma Jones


    Hello Joel. Thank you for joining Hexnode Connect!

    We understand why scheduling enterprise app updates can be convenient during untimely maintenance windows. We’ll check the feasibility of the feature with our development team and keep you posted on any updates.

    Meanwhile, you may keep an eye out for the latest feature updates and what’s cooking here at Hexnode UEM!

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM

  • Participant

    Matt Vestal


    Any update on this feature request? I don’t see an option in Hexnode to schedule updates. A use case we would love to support is the ability to schedule an update for all devices with the ability to update specific devices. This would be useful in cases where a few users are experiencing a high priority bug, but we don’t want to disrupt everyone by doing an update during peak usage time.

  • Hello @matt-vestal, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

    Are you looking to schedule updates for enterprise apps? Or did you mean OS updates?

    Either way, the features are part of our roadmap, but its development has been temporarily slowed down due to prioritizing other crucial features. We’ll provide you with an update once we approach the launch of these features.

    To assist you better, please specify the platform for which you need these features. Your input is valuable!

    Please feel free to reach out in case of any further queries.

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM